Penn Libraries Text Analysis Learning Community

WORD LAB is a learning group at Penn Libraries focused on text analysis in all disciplines. Unless announced otherwise on our listserv, we meet every Thursday 12-1:30pm in 526 Van Pelt (East Asian Seminar Room, fifth floor).

We have a rotating schedule:

For more information or to join our mailing list, please email Scott Enderle at University of Pennsylvania Libraries.

Upcoming Events:

Previous Schedules:

Spring 2016

March 1: Mark Ravina, Emory University

March 8: Benjamin Mangrum, Davidson College

March 15: Article discussion - Underwood, Ted; Sellers, Jordan (2015): How Quickly Do Literary Standards Change? and related blog post

March 22: Python NLTK session - Chapter 2 (see our progress so far)

March 29: The Early Novels Database Project presentation

April 5: Article discussion TBA

April 12: Python NLTK session

April 19: Liz Rodrigues, Temple University

April 26: Article discussion TBA

May 3: Python NLTK session