Penn Libraries Text Analysis Research Community

WORD LAB is an interest group at Penn Libraries focused on text analysis in all disciplines. We meet every Tuesday 1:30-3pm in 623 Van Pelt (the Vitale II lab). We have an approximately three-week rotating schedule:

See our current schedule to the left and on our Facebook page. Below are our spring 2016 readings and presenters. For more information or to join our mailing list, please email Molly Des Jardin at University of Pennsylvania Libraries.

March 1: Mark Ravina, Emory University

March 8: Benjamin Mangrum, Davidson College

March 15: Article discussion - Underwood, Ted; Sellers, Jordan (2015): How Quickly Do Literary Standards Change? and related blog post

March 22: Python NLTK session - Chapter 2 (see our progress so far)

March 29: The Early Novels Database Project presentation

April 5: Article discussion TBA

April 12: Python NLTK session

April 19: Liz Rodrigues, Temple University

April 26: Article discussion TBA

May 3: Python NLTK session